Recruiting Process

Contract Base - Permanent Base - Daily Base

Payroll service

Payroll Management

Compensation and Benefits

(including BPJS-Kes and BPJS-TK)

Third-party payment services

Third party payroll

Employee Training and Induction

induction training introduces new employees to their new profession or job role

Retention and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement measures how connected your employees are with each other and your business


With extensive experience of our team, mixing both academics and industry practice approach, we provide HR consultancy and strategic advisory services as follows.

  • Review Of HR Structure Process.

  • Organization Development.

  • Manpower Planning.

  • Salary Structure System.

  • Recruitment, Assessment, Selection & Staffing.

  • Analysis/Evaluation And Performance Management (Appraisal System).

  • Industrial Relations (Including Lay-off).

  • And Other Strategic Advisory Services.


We provide prospective candidates who have core competencies to our Clients based on specific criteria. our consultants will identify potential candidates registered to our database through analysis of their work experiences, qualifications, personal situation and availability.

Our consultants also can assist Clients with necessary arrangement for assessment including psychometric testing, medical screening and reference checking service

We provide guarantee in the event of an applicant leaving the Client’s employment within three months of joining, on reasonable ground associated with unsatisfactory, performance or through resignation, other than through redundancy, we will replace the applicant with another applicant with no additional fee charges.

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