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May 24, 2021
September 10, 2021

Human Capital Business Intelligence Professional with
ISO 30414 – Human Capital Reporting

2-Day Workshop & Certification
Human Capital Business Intelligence Professional with
ISO 30414 – Human Capital Reporting

29 – 30 June 2021, Via Zoom Application


This program is designed to assist managers in organizations, and professionals in understanding
the growing field of human capital data collection, analytics and reporting by explaining the ins and
outs of the new ISO 30414 voluntary reporting guidelines. It incorporates new information on this
just-released standard to provide managers new ideas for data collection, analysis, and reporting,
planning tools, new human capital management principles, and a detailed discussion of human
capital metrics and management information systems.
This course also shows accountants a path to increasing their business and their roles in organization
by being a first-mover toward taking an organization in the direction of complying with ISO 30414.
This course explains the dynamic interplay between gathering and analyzing accurate, properly
categorized human resource data and the ability to predict how well a company or organization will
do in the future.
Such data pinpoint problems and challenges in organizations not easily observed without proper
analysis of such data.
This program shows you the future of human resource data collection, the history of how we got to
this point, and shows how complying with at least some aspects of ISO 30414, a voluntary standard,
could give your organization and your clients’ organizations a competitive advantage in the
In addition, this course provides guidance to managers at all levels on how to manage their most
important asset, their human resources to promote their organization’s success.
Upon successful completion of this course, the user should be able to:

  1. Identify the basic elements of the ISO 30414 standard and its history,
  2. List the benefits of complying with at least some of the elements of the ISO 30414 standard,
  3. Describe the potential, expansive role of HC/HR manager in generating accurate human resources
  4. Identify the basic elements of predictive analytics as it applies to human resources data,
  5. Describe the role materiality plays in the future of human capital reporting,
  6. List some of the competitive advantages organizations can gain by collecting and analyzing human
    capital data,
  7. Recognize the options an organization should consider regarding how to collect and report human
    capital data,
  8. Recognize the importance of the metrics that an organization uses to measure and define success,
  9. Identify the ethical underpinnings of reporting human capital data.

Outline Agenda

  1. Defining the Field of Human Capital Reporting
  2. Basic Elements of Human Capital Reporting
  3. Goals of Human Capital Reporting
    4.Distinguishing Human Capital Reporting from Financial Reporting
  4. Human Capital Reporting
  5. History and Development of ISO 30414
  6. Human Capital Reporting Guidelines, Data Collection Methods, and Risk
  7. Specific Areas of Human Capital Reporting Listed in ISO 30414
  8. Individual Areas of ISO 30414 Reporting Explained
  9. The Specific Areas in ISO 30414 Explained
    11 Implementing ISO 30414: Practical Approaches
  10. The Starting Point with ISO 30414

HR Manager, HC Director, HR Business Partner, Auditor, Consultant
Software Data Visualisation, Analytics and HC Report
Investment :

• Training Online Rp. 5.000.000, nett/person
• Group Fee : Rp 4.800.000,-nett/person (Min 3 or more)

Biaya Investasi ditransfer ke Bank Mandiri Cabang Krakatau Steel A/C. 070 000 555 9807 a.n. PT. Indo
Human Resource, bukti transfer di email ke

  • Softcopy of Material
  • Certificate of Certification and Certificate of Attendance will be sent by courier
  • Consultation With Trainers Via Chat After Training
  • If they do not pass, the participant will get the opportunity to retake the exam once at a later
    time as determined by the training organizer.

CP : Mr. Michael ( / Ms. Isma (
Telp : (021) 299-41058 / 59 ext 108
Mobile : 0812-8000-3882 (Michael) & 0877-0150-0254 (Isma)

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